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New Store & An Updated Site

A New Store!

After hinting at it for many months, my new store is now live!  For now, there are no products on the store and it is mostly serving as a placeholder until I’m able to get everything ready to receive orders.  Very soon, I plan to start offering sheet music available for purchase and download, as well as albums and recordings in the future.

You may notice that the store redirects to a separate website, The Citadel Music.  This will be name for the publishing and printing of my works.

A  (rather lame) placeholder logo until the real one is finalized.

I’m very excited to finally get this store up and running.  For now, it’s an empty store, but I plan to have items start popping up for purchase within the next month.  Next week I will be away for 8 days again, assisting at the Summer Harp Academy.  Once I’m back though, keep an eye out for new things!


Updated Website

To better link my personal website and The Citadel Music website, I’ve updated my personal site in content and layout.  The biggest change was the overall style, but there are a few new additions strewn throughout the site as well.  One new addition is the Videos page now includes a few videos from my Spring recitals.

There may be some more tweaks and changes to the site in the coming weeks, so please excuse the mess if you happen to be checking out my site when I’m in the process of adjusting things!


Anything Else?

For now, not really!  This summer has been almost flying by, with so many things going on.  As I said above, next week I’ll be up in North Carolina assisting at the Summer Harp Academy.  I’m really looking forward to spending the week with a great bunch of young harpists (including 2 of my own students), as well as one of my favorite people in the world/former teacher Elzbieta Szmyt!

After I return from SHA (and take a few days to recoup, I’m sure), it’ll be time to crack down on making some items available on The Citadel Music store.  I’ve also started 2 new harp students in recent weeks, while one of my long-time students will be returning to lessons after a couple months off.  I’ll be happy to use the lull in travel to work on the store and start preparing for a Christmas recital this Winter.  I hope to perform Christmas recitals both in Alabama and Georgia and include several of new arrangements of Christmas tunes that I’ll be creating in the coming months.

As always, keep an eye on this spot and my Facebook page for updates!