Salvi Echo FOR SALE

Salvi Echo Electroacoustic

2011, Platinum Finish

47 String Concert Grand Pedal Harp

Amp & Cord Included


2011 Salvi Echo electroacoustic harp for sale.  Only one owner, a professional harpist and trained harp technician.  The only time it was ever moved after purchase was when the owner moved between houses.  Never used for gigs.  Very very little wear and tear to the harp, almost brand new condition.  The finish of the body and main sections of the harp are near pristine.  Amp and cord are included in the price (details below).

The Echo has a beautiful and natural acoustic harp sound when played acoustically, something not often found in electroacoustic harps when they are played unplugged.  This harp can be played for performances, either acoustically or through an amp/sound system, with no sound quality or tone sacrificed.

Asking price is $21,000 for this beautiful Salvi Echo.
Please direct any questions or interest to maggieplaystheharp @ or 574 . 870 . 2476.

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Hartke HyDrive 112C 250 Watt Bass Combo Amp

A bass combo amp is ideal for an electroacoustic harp, as a normal guitar amp can’t properly handle the extremes of the high and low ranges present on a harp.  This amp is able to naturally balance the levels between bass and treble, with very little panel manipulation needed, to give a full and balanced sound across all octaves.

Original owner’s manual included, as well as one XLR cable needed for plugging the harp into the amp.

Hartke amp (original value $600+) and cord are included in the price of the harp.