Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the more frequently asked questions that I receive regarding harp lesson and events.




Do you play with violin/flute/voice/any other instrument?

I am almost exclusively a solo performer, therefore I only advertise myself as a soloist for weddings and events.  I do not have any other instrumentalists that I perform with and as such, do not have duet or chamber music readily available in my repertoire.

That said, I have performed with other instruments in the past and will happily do so if that is what you would like for your event.  However, extra fees may apply in consideration for the need to purchase or create chamber arrangements, and for any possible rehearsals needed.


I would like for you to play a song that is not listed in your Repertoire. Is this possible?

Absolutely!  It is nearly impossible for me to keep my Repertoire page updated with every song and piece that I am able to play.  Feel free to ask if you do not see listed a selection that you have in mind.  If I do not have the chosen song, I can often purchase a pre-existing harp arrangement or create my own from other arrangements.  Please note that there may be additional fees for each song selected out of my repertoire.  I am happy to go over all the details of non-standard requests with you.


Will you perform for outdoor events?

Yes!  In fact, since moving to the southern states, I have only played a handful of indoor events.

However, the harp is a very expensive instrument that is, unfortunately, very susceptible to the weather.  If it is raining or precipitating in any way (even threatening to sprinkle) and the event is uncovered, I will be unable to take my harp outside.  Also, if it is excessively humid or the temperature is excessively hot or cold, I may not be able to perform outdoors.  Weather conditions unfavorable for the instrument can cause serious and lasting damage to the instrument, which I’m happy to explain in detail if you are interested.

All of that said, in two decades of playing for events, there have only been 3 times when I was unable to perform outside on the day of the event.  In all 3 cases, a solution was found that worked well for all parties involved.  I have never not performed for an event for which I was hired.


How far are you willing to travel?

In general, I am willing to travel up to a 4 hour drive in any direction from north Cumming, Georgia 30028.  I am willing to travel longer distances, but consideration and additional fees will apply for extra travel and overnight accommodations needed.  Overnight accommodations may also need considered for late evening or early morning events at a distance that would make it unreasonable for my travel before or after as needed.


Do you attend wedding rehearsals?

I rarely attend wedding rehearsals as it is very seldom necessary.  If you would like me to attend your wedding rehearsal or we deem it necessary, there will be additional fees for travel, time, and possibly the need to transport the harp an additional time.


Which of your harps do you take to events?

For most events, I perform on my natural Lyon & Healy 85CG pedal harp.  If requested for Celtic or Folk-themed events (or for those who prefer it), I also perform on my mahogany Lyon & Healy Shamrock lever harp.  My platinum Salvi Echo electroacoustic harp may be used for events where it is discussed and deemed the best choice, due to its amplification abilities.





Where are harp lessons taught?  Can you come to my house?

All harp lessons are taught from my home in the north Cumming, Georgia area.  In some cases, lessons at the student’s home may be possible, depending on distance, schedule, and circumstances.  There may be an additional lesson fee to cover driving distance and time.


Do you offer harp lessons over Skype?

Not typically, no.  However, exceptions may be made under specific circumstances.


Do you teach group lessons?

I do not teach group lessons.  All harp lessons are taught privately, one-on-one to guarantee that the student receives all the attention they deserve and need in their lessons.


Do I need to have a harp at home for practice if I take lessons?

Yes, yes, yes!  Simply taking lessons on an instrument is not enough to really learn how to play, home practice is absolutely vital if you hope to ever make any progress.  For this reason, I do not teach harp lessons to students without access to a practice instrument.

There are many many options for students to rent or purchase a harp of their own for practicing and I am more than happy to go over all of the options with you and help determine your best option.  Harps are not cheap instruments, but there are many very affordable options.


Do I need to bring my own harp to lessons?

No, lessons taught at my home are taught on one of my Lyon & Healy lever or pedal harps.  Based on what size and type of instrument you have at home for practice, I select the instrument that is closest in size and style to your own.

Please note that students with certain types of harps at home may be required to bring their harp to lessons.  Specific examples would be students with lap harps or harps with non-standard string spacing, as playing on one of my harps would be so different that it may be very difficult for the student to adjust during lessons.


What is the earliest age my child can begin harp lessons?

In general, the youngest age I am willing to start a child on the harp is 5 years old.  Considerations must be made, however, for not only the child’s age and maturity, but also previous music or general lesson experience.  No two children learn in similar ways, so I’m happy to discuss all the particulars with you and your child.

There are many things to consider when beginning harp lessons for a very young student, so please contact me with your specific questions.


Do I have to perform in your masterclasses and student recitals if I take lessons from you?

Absolutely not!  I never require that any of my students perform if they would rather not.  I ask that each student consider the benefits of performing if they are able, but I do not require or pressure students to perform.


What is the recommended length and frequency of harp lessons?

Lesson length and frequency depends on several factors, including the student’s age, schedule, and budget.

FREQUENCY:  For students of all ages and levels, I highly recommend having one lesson a week to make sure that new concepts and techniques are not forgotten or practiced incorrectly in long breaks between lessons.

LENGTH:  For adult students of all levels, I highly recommend 60 minute lessons.  This is to ensure that we have time to go through what you have practiced over the previous week, introduce new techniques and concepts, and make sure that everything new is understood before you go home to practice.  For younger students, I often recommend 30-45 minute lessons, depending on the student’s age, musical experience, and attention span.

Lesson length and frequency can always be adjusted if needed.


Do you teach anything else?

Yes!  Right now, I also offer Piano lessons at my home in north Cumming, Georgia.


What kind of harp should I get if I want to take lessons?

If you are looking to rent or buy a harp, please contact me and I will go over all of the details and options with you.  I will never tell someone “You should buy _____” because there are many options and I want you to have the harp that you want to have!