Maggie Lovell, Harpist

Lyon & Healy 85CG
The natural finish Lyon & Healy 85 Concert Grand pedal harp was Maggie’s first harp and has remained her primary instrument. The 85 is warm and resonant, with a beautiful tone and well-balanced sound.  L&H 85CG pedal harps are well known around the world for being fantastic and reliable instruments with wonderful sound.  Maggie’s 85 is no exception, having often been praised by other harpists who have played it.

The 85 is played for the majority of events and performances. Students with Concert Grand pedal harps at home may take lessons on the 85 at Maggie’s discretion.



Maggie Lovell, Harpist

Salvi Echo
The platinum Salvi Echo electroacoustic Concert Grand pedal harp is Maggie’s favorite “toy” in her collection of harps. Designed to function in both an acoustic or amplified setting, it has a bright and full sound both when unplugged and plugged into an amp.  The Echo is played primarily for Jazz, Pop, and non-standard music, though it has a fantastic tone for traditional and standard harp repertoire as well.

The Echo is not often used for events and gigs, but would be the perfect harp for any event that focuses on jazz and pop music or when the sound would need to carry across a crowd or large venue. A normal acoustic harp can be difficult to mic or amplify, but the Echo can be plugged directly into an amp or sound system, with no sacrifice to the beautiful and sought-after tone and sound.  Maggie provides her own Hartke Bass Combo Amp for use with the Echo, or it can be plugged directly into any standard sound system.



Lyon & Healy ShamrockMaggie Lovell, Harpist
The beautiful red mahogany Lyon & Healy Shamrock lever harp was Maggie’s first lever harp and she favors it highly for intimate or folksy settings. The now-discontinued Shamrock was originally designed to sound and function like a traditional Irish harp.  The unique and “folksy” tone of the Shamrock lends itself very well to traditional Celtic tunes and dances, perfect for an event with an Irish or Celtic theme, or simply for anyone who loves traditional Celtic music!

Please note that not all music can be played on the lever harp. Please see the Repertoire page for more details.


Lyon & Healy Ogden
Lyon & Healy Ogden
The walnut Lyon & Healy Ogden is Maggie’s primary teaching lever harp, as well as a harp that she offers to prospective new students for short-term rental. The Ogden is the perfect size and range for any beginning harpist, accessible to harpists of any age or level.  It’s 34 string range provides enough strings to play nearly anything the student would ever want to play, while still being of a more manageable size and weight for younger students.  Many of Maggie’s lever harp students choose Ogdens as their personal instruments because it is such a great style of harp for any lever harpist.

See the Harp Rental page for more information.



Lyon & Healy Chicago 40
The Lyon & Healy Chicago 40 pedal harp is the most recent addition to Maggie’s home, gifted to her by a very dear friend and former student. The Chicago 40 is the perfect pedal harp for anyone just starting out with pedals or for lever harpists looking to try out a pedal harp.  Most of Maggie’s students now take their lessons on the Chicago, even many lever harpists, and all of them remark on the harp’s wonderful tone and ease of playing.

The Chicago is not currently available for events or rental, being such a valuable teaching instrument.