Lesson Information

Lessons are available on both lever and pedal harp.

Maggie teaches private Harp lessons from her home in north Cumming, Georgia. If you or someone you know is interested in learning to play the harp, please feel free to contact Maggie with any and all questions you might have. She welcomes interested students and their families to arrange a time to visit her house and receive an introduction to harp lessons and the basics of the instrument. Maggie is always happy to help all prospective students to fully understand the harp, as well as the best options for renting or buying an instrument.

All lessons are taught privately and one-on-one, with students playing on one of Maggie’s Lyon & Healy harps. Maggie works to tailor lessons and curriculum to each individual student, focusing on each student’s goals and aspirations for their instrument, rather than assigning music at random or working straight through a single book or series. She strives to make sure that each student looks forward to and enjoys their lessons, while still progressing musically and developing the fundamentals of both theory and practical performance habits. A one hour lesson once a week is recommended for most students, with 30 or 45 minute lessons recommended for some younger students. Lesson length and frequency can be discussed and adjusted based on student schedule and needs.


Some of Maggie’s students after their performances in a Student Recital.

Student Recitals

Maggie hosts periodic Student Recitals in which all of her harp and piano students are encouraged to participate. The Student Recitals provide all students with not only the chance to perform in front of others, but to see other students of similar and varying ages and levels perform. Family and friends are invited to attend, giving students the chance to show off what they’ve learned on their respective instrument. Participation is not required and students who do not perform are encouraged to attend in support of their fellow students. The best inspiration often comes from seeing someone else play.


Harp Rental

Please see the Harp Rental page if you are interested in harp lessons but unsure about committing to buying an instrument right away.

Remote Lessons

If you are interested in harp lessons with Maggie but unable to reasonably travel to her in-home teaching studio, please see the Remote Lessons page to see if you might be eligible for online lessons with Maggie.


Please feel free to contact Maggie via email or phone if you or anyone you know is interested in harp lessons.
She is available to answer any other related questions as well.

Send lesson inquiries to: maggieplaystheharp [at] gmail.com

Or Cell Phone #: 574.870.2476

Maggie always responds to all inquiries.

You can also check the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the most commonly received inquiries.